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Native Landscaping

Polli-Native is dedicated to helping homeowners and businesses incorporate more resilient and beneficial native plants into their landscapes. Integrating more native plants has tremendous benefits, not just for you, but for the entire ecosystem. Whether you are hoping to gradually incorporate native plants into an existing landscape or create an entirely new vista with native plants, we can assist you throughout the entire process.

What is a native plant?

A native plant is one that has naturally existed in this region for hundreds or even thousands of years. Because these plants have naturally grown and evolved in our area, they are perfectly adapted to the soil, climate, seasons, and weather conditions of the Kansas City area.

Why is it beneficial to incorporate native plants in landscaping?

There are a host of reasons why native plants are beneficial for both your immediate surroundings and the wider community. Here are a few of the primary benefits:

Native plants are adapted to thrive in this region and so they rarely need fertilizer or pesticides.

The roots of native plants reach much deeper into the ground, which means that they are significantly less reliant on irrigation systems than traditional lawns.

Native plants provide both food and shelter for wildlife. In fact, with the right selection of native plantings, your outdoor space can become a “way station” for birds, butterflies, and other beneficial insects.

The Kansas City area is known for its storm water runoff problem. The deep roots of native plants increase the capacity of the soil to hold water, which can then significantly reduce water runoff and flooding.

The use of native plants in your landscaping can help restore the quality of your soil and water.

Which plants are native to the Kansas City area?

You have an incredible number of options when it comes to choosing plants that are native to our region. You can find trees of all sizes, a variety of native grasses, and an abundance of flowering plants of every shape and color. Polli-Native can help you discover native varieties that allow you to balance both aesthetic and sustainability needs. Click through the slideshow below to see a few of our favorite plants that are native to the KC area.